The origin of the story idea

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Presidio Podcast Jalin Malin

I met Jalin Malin a couple of years ago at the Lost Horse Saloon in Marfa. We sat outside in the afternoon downing some beers, and she–of course–asked me what I was doing in Marfa.

At the time, I had traveled out to possibly do a story on some of the conflict in town over the current sheriff and some residents (mainly over public intoxication arrests of people just walking from the bars to their homes). 

Presidio Podcast Jalin Malin

But I told Jalin that there wasn’t a lot of meat to the idea, since it appeared that most of it was spurred by petty political conflicts in county government.

That’s when she said, “You want to do a real story? Do one on the old Marfa sheriff.” She went on to outline the events, and that was the beginning of my investigation into the incident and then this podcast. I also had listened to a bunch of her music later that day online and read a lot of the cool lyrics she’s written.

Saturday evening I was hanging out at the bar at the Paisano Hotel, and turned to my left to see Jalin pulling up a chair. I hadn’t seen her or spoken to her since the day at the Lost Horse. I re-introduced myself and told her how she had been my inspiration.

I met up with Jalin and her buddy Russell Guevara the next day and she gave me a tour of her living space off of Main Street. She plans on turning it into a place to showcase her art and some of the cool old stuff she’s plucked from Russell’s storage.

Jalin and Russell also were a huge help in pinpointing a lot of people to talk to for the podcast. Check out the video of the tour she gave me. (And you can find her on the Web here.)

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  2. I just now saw this for the first time! I was looking for an old account I had online for my music, when this popped up. I feel so very honored right now! Thank you for including me in your podcast and for acknowledging my art! I hope the storyline I shared had a good outcome. It seemed to be a very intertwined story in these neck of the woods. Love to all of you!

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