Narcos Mexico

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Gerardo Taracena as Pablo Acosta If you haven’t checkout out Narcos Mexico on Netflix, now (with Caronavirus concerns) would be a great time to give it a watch and catch up. Season 2 came out in mid-February, and the storyline… Read More »Narcos Mexico

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The Women Haters Club

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I was researching at the Marfa Public Library one day, and I asked the librarian who might be good to talk to about the sheriff back in the day. She grew nervous and wasn’t quite sure, but then she brightened… Read More »The Women Haters Club

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Marfa Holiday Trip

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In Marfa for four days to get more recordings. Met with Rod Ponton, Chambers’s attorney at the time and now County Attorney. He’s a fun and interesting guy (See the Who’s Who page.) and loves to hear and tell great stories. I’ve… Read More »Marfa Holiday Trip