Update:  The podcast formerly known as Presidio is now Borderlands, the first season of Witnessed.

You also can find show notes, photos, and updates on the Witnessed: Borderlands website.

The tall-but-true tale of a charismatic outlaw (Robert Chambers), an iconic small-town sheriff (Rick Thompson), and the record-setting drug bust that ensnared them both. Set in the rugged Texas borderlands, host Rob  D’Amico transports listeners back to the U.S. side of the border for the opening salvo of the War on Drugs … where so much dirty money was swirling across the Rio Grande that even the most incorruptible citizens would be tempted. In the tradition of films like No Country for Old Men and Charles Portis novels, Witnessed: Borderlands mashes up the shockingly real and the deeply surreal, chronicling not just the events  of a crime, but digging deep into the mystery and aura of one of  America’s most myth-soaked regions.

Set in the Borderlands towns of Marfa, Alpine, Terlingua, Lajitas, and Candelaria Texas, and in Ojinaga, Mexico.

Setting Sun on a mountain with yucca in the forground, yellows reds and purples. Text: Witnessed: Borderlands

Listen to the Trailer and Podcast.

Presidio Sheriff Podcast Rick Thompson
Rob D'Amico

About The Producer

Rob D’Amico is a former newspaper reporter and editor who now writes freelance articles for a variety of publications. Two of his past newspaper jobs were in small Texas towns where he regularly went head to head with local sheriffs while investigating their misuse of power.  D’Amico is a frequent visitor to the Texas border and has spent time in every major Texas and Mexican city on the frontera. He regularly travels to Big Bend for outdoor adventures and Marfa for cultural events. He also worked toward a masters in film and is adept at video and audio for storytelling.

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