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Join us as we explore why a West Texas sheriff, a self-proclaimed anti-drug warrior, ended up serving 26 years for smuggling a ton of cocaine across the border. Was Presidio County Sheriff Rick Thompson really “La Puerta,” the door for Mexican drugs in the 1980s, or did a rogue accomplice and threats from brutal cartels lead him to self-destruction?

Set in Marfa—a quirky ranching town near the border that has become a mecca for artists and tourists—this true-crime podcast weaves together tales of drug cartel brutality, desperation, greed, and the blurry line between law and order and corruption. More of the story…

Update:  We are happy to announce that the podcast is now under development and production with Campside Media and Sony Entertainment. (The name, Presidio, thus is a working title.) The project is a result of more than three years of research on the Sheriff Thompson case and interviews with dozens of sources. (Teaser music courtesy of RF Shannon.)


Stay tuned for episodes launching in the spring of 2020. Until then, check out the trailer.

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Profiles of the many of the people featured in the podcast.


Keep up with the crew as they develop the podcast, and see the latest news.

And while we prefer just sound, here’s a video version with some archival photos and newsclips….

(music courtesy of RF Shannon)

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Rob D'Amico

About The Producer

Rob D’Amico is a former newspaper reporter and editor who now writes freelance articles for a variety of publications. Two of his past newspaper jobs were in small Texas towns where he regularly went head to head with local sheriffs while investigating their misuse of power.  D’Amico is a frequent visitor to the Texas border and has spent time in every major Texas and Mexican city on the frontera. He regularly travels to Big Bend for outdoor adventures and Marfa for cultural events. He also worked toward a masters in film and is adept at video and audio for storytelling.

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